It's a Wonderful Life

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Presley Hart can’t get enough of when her girlfriend embraces her from behind, and reaches around with skillful fingers to play with her pussy. The feel of Aaliyah Love‘s fingers on her clit is so intense and so good, it sends waves of pleasure radiating out from her hips, all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. Once Presley’s had enough, she flips Aaliyah on her back and tongues her juicy pussy until she collapses in the heaves of orgasmic abandon.

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I Have a Wife

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Aaliyah Love, Allie Haze and Amanda Tate are three party girls who don’t have a care in the world, except planning for their next party. While doing so, their landlord comes up to the property to let them know they are late on their rent, and he also doesn’t like what they’ve done with the outside of the house. They invite him in to show what they did on the inside too! They let him know that his paintings were destroyed in another party and that he needs to just relax and not be such a stick in the mud. In this day and age, there are other ways to feel better and have the rent paid when you have three young pussies in your face!

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